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If you have integrated BMC ProactiveNet with the BMC Atrium CMDB, you can launch the BMC Atrium Service Context application from the BMC ProactiveNet Operations Console for a selected configuration item (CI). Use BMC Atrium Service Context to view details from the components that support the objects in a service model to determine how those components are performing in your environment.

BMC Atrium Service Context provides consistent information that can be shared across BMC products and among disciplines within your organization. You can launch BMC Atrium Service Context from a component defined in a service model from the Tile view, Canvas view, Graph view, and Heat Map view.


If you enabled integration with the BMC Atrium CMDB after you installed the BMC ProactiveNet components, you must manually register the BMC ProactiveNet Service Context web services with the Web Services Registry (UDDI) to enable the cross-launch. For information, see Enabling cross-launch to BMC Atrium Service Context.

To launch the Service Context from a business service

  1. Select a business service in the navigation tree of the BMC ProactiveNet Operations Console.
  2. Select one of the following views in the Operations Console toolbar: Tile view, Canvas view, Graph view , or Heat Map view.

    The service model is displayed in the view that you select.
  3. Right-click a business service and select Launch > Service Context.

    The Service Context Summary View is displayed and shows a list of attributes associated with the selected business service.

Your administrator can set the attributes that are displayed in the Summary View. For information, see the BMC Atrium CMDB Administration Guide

BMC Atrium Service Context also provides drill down functionality so that you can view additional details about service attributes. For more information, see the BMC Atrium CMDB User Guide.

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