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This topic provides an overview of the steps to grant user access rights to BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration. By default, the permission is available to the Super Admin role. For more details about managing users, roles, and permissions, see Managing users.

Before you begin

Enable Central Monitoring Administration during BMC ProactiveNet Central Server installation, or enable Central Monitoring Administration after server installation. For details about enabling Central Monitoring Administration, see Configuring Central Monitoring Administration.

To grant user access to Central Monitoring Administration

  1. On the BMC ProactiveNet Central Server, open the Administration Console.
  2. Select the Administration tab and then select Advanced Options.
  3. Add the user to a user group with the Super Admin role, or create a role with the required permission and add that role to a user group with that user.

The following image shows the permission definition that gives access to Central Monitoring Administration in the Roles and Permissions dialog box.

Where to go from here

Create and manage configuration policies

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