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You can export and import Central Monitoring Administration policies using the policy migration utility.

For French and German locales, perform the following steps to correctly display French and German characters:

  1. Open a command prompt by executing cmd.exe. Right-click in the title bar of the command prompt window and click Properties.
  2. Click the Font tab and select the Lucida Console font.
  3. From a command prompt, execute the command chcp 1252.

To export and import policies, execute the following command from the <installation directory>\pw\pronto\lib\DataMigrator directory:

(Windows) cmapolicymigration.bat
(Linux and Solaris)./

  • The policy migration utility exports and imports only monitoring and blackout policies.

  • The policy migration utility does not export Integration Service or cluster details of Agent configuration under the monitoring policy.

  • If the source computer has the base and extended repositories and the destination computer has only the base repository, policies created using the extended repository monitoring solutions fail to import on the destination computer.

  • The time-frame names are not case-sensitive.
    For example, if the destination computer has a time frame Tf1 and if you try to import a time frame tf1, the import fails.

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