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You can execute a remote action on an event. These remote actions are created by an administrator as a response to specific events as required for your environment. You can perform remote actions on events that have been associated with or mapped to devices through a device alias. The device must be configured so that it allows the remote action to be executed on it.

When you use a remote action, it is issued from your local console but executed on the computer where the BMC ProactiveNet Cell or BMC ProactiveNet cell is installed. The number of remote actions that you can execute depends on the event type, core event or intelligent event.

To respond to an event by using a remote action

  1. From the event list, select an event.
  2. Click the blue wrench icon in the Tools Menu column.
  3. Click Remote Actions and then select a remote action.
  4. In the Execute Action dialog box, enter the appropriate values required to run the selected remote action.
  5. Click Execute.
    • To access the results of the remote action, in the event list row, click Action Result(s) in the Message column or the Tools Menu.
    • In the Event Remote Action Results dialog box, you can perform the following operations:
      • Export the information about the remote action to a file by selecting the action information and clicking Export.
      • View the output, errors, and details about the remote action by clicking the corresponding tab.


The remote actions Modify Slot Value, Show Remote Action Environment, and Trigger Remedy Incident for Event do not display an associated Action Result(s) or Related Events option.

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