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Slots identify information within an event class. Each event class has defined slots. Some slots are common to all event classes, while others are unique to an event class. The default slots in the event list provide basic information about an event. By changing the slots presented in the event list, you can view additional pertinent information or change the order in which event data is presented. You can also customize the standard and custom event class slot display labels in the event list.

To configure custom and standard event class slots to be displayed in the event list

  1. In a text editor, open the pw\pronto\conf\resources\i18nData\en_US\flex\ file.
  2. Add the new custom event slot and associated display name.
    You can specify either the class and slot name or just the slot name, as shown below.

  3. Restart the BMC ProactiveNet server with the pw system start command. Log on again to the BMC ProactiveNet Operations Console for the change to be seen.