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Using Edit Toolbar , available in the toolbar panel located above the event list, you can create shortcuts for performing event operations, executing commands, and actions. By default, the toolbar panel is available to all the users. However, Edit Toolbar is visible only if a user has permissions to view it. Show Toolbar in the navigation bar toggles the toolbar panel.
By default, the following shortcuts are available in the toolbar panel right above the the event list only if a user has permissions for all these operations. If a user does not have permission for a particular operation, for example, Close, then shortcuts for all the following operations, except Close are displayed.

  • Acknowledge 
  • Close 
  • Take Ownership 
  • Decline Ownership 
  • View Remote Action Results 
  • Copy 
  • Export 
  • Set Priority 
  • Intelligent Event History 
  • Probable Cause Analysis 
  • Operations Menu 
  • Tools menu
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