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BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration is a web-based administration interface used to perform the following tasks:

  • Create BMC PATROL Agent installation packages that contain BMC PATROL Agent and the supported monitoring solutions
  • Configure BMC PATROL Agents for monitoring
  • Add Integration Services to BMC ProactiveNet Server
  • Create Integration Service clusters
  • Configure blackouts on BMC PATROL Agents
  • Create time frames for blackout
  • Configure the /AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices variable on the BMC PATROL Agent. The BMC PATROL Agent uses this variable to connect to the Integration Service.
  • Download and install BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service and the remote Administration Console
  • Add or update monitoring solutions in the monitoring repository

BMC PATROL Agent installation packages are silent installation files that contain your installation preferences for monitoring solutions and components. Central Monitoring Administration uses policies to configure monitoring solutions and thresholds and to copy baselines.

With Central Monitoring Administration, administrators select monitor installation components, such as the BMC PATROL Agent and monitoring solutions, from the BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Repository to create an installation package. The components can then be installed together using the installation package. You can reuse the installation packages, or deploy the packages to multiple computers.Through Central Monitoring Administration, administrators define and manage policies. A policy is a set of actions to perform, such as configuring monitoring solutions on BMC PATROL Agents, creating thresholds on BMC ProactiveNet Child Servers, and copying baselines between similar instances of child servers. Policies can also be used to assign devices and monitor instances to User Groups which can be used for access control.

A policy is applied to the BMC PATROL Agents based on the conditions such as agent name, agent port, agent version, agent tag, and so on. If an agent matches the conditions defined in multiple policies, then Central Monitoring Administration combines the configuration across the policies and applies it to the agent.

BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Repository

The BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Repository includes the current versions of the BMC PATROL Monitoring Solutions that you can use with BMC ProactiveNet. Administrators can use the repository with Central Monitoring Administration to select monitor installation components (such as the BMC PATROL Agent and monitoring solutions) and create an installation package.

The BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Repository is split into two files, and (where yyyymmdd-hhmmss is the date and time of the repository image). You must download these files from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) Open link facility, or copy the files from your installation kit to the BMC ProactiveNet Central Server file system.

For details about the contents of the repository files, see List of Monitoring Solutions and KMs in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management.

When you install a BMC ProactiveNet Central Server or a standalone BMC ProactiveNet Server, you select the base repository image file to import its contents to Central Monitoring Administration. To update the base repository image, or import the extended repository image, use the import function in the Central Monitoring Administration. You can also download and import individual solutions from the EPD site, or import structured custom solutions (see Building a PATROL Knowledge Module Developers Guide from the BMC Support website Open link ).

Central Monitoring Administration users

Central Monitoring Administration users include cloud administrators working with the BMC Cloud Service Management product, and BMC ProactiveNet administrators working in a multiserver environment.

Cloud administrators

Cloud administrators are responsible for the overall operation, administration, and maintenance of the cloud hosting environment, and for services hosted in the cloud on behalf of the cloud tenants. Cloud administrators can define policies to implement with provisioning requests from cloud users and associate policies with specific tenants.

BMC ProactiveNet administrators

BMC ProactiveNet administrators are responsible for the overall operation, administration, and maintenance of the monitoring system, usually working in a multiserver environment. BMC ProactiveNet administrators can define policies and access control for monitor configuration through Central Monitoring Administration.

Administration Console and Central Monitoring Administration

The following table shows the ability to perform selected tasks through the BMC ProactiveNet Administration Console (the application located on each BMC ProactiveNet Server) and through Central Monitoring Administration (the web-based console).


Administration Console

Central Monitoring Administration

Configure BMC PATROL monitoring solutions



Configure adapters for external monitors, such as IBM Tivoli, HP Operations Manager, and BMC Portal



Set baselines



Create policies to manage events



Create policies to manage monitor configuration, data and event filtering, server and agent threshold creation, agent configuration, and the baselines



Create thresholds and set server-side intelligent thresholds



Globally apply changes to a configuration without using PATROL Configuration Manager



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