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This section provides best practices for the upgrade and migration of BMC ProactiveNet to version 9.5. Specific details related to earlier versions are provided and discussed. This section covers two methods to move from earlier versions to version 9.5:

  • Directly upgrade each BMC ProactiveNet Server to version 9.5
  • Migrate from the old BMC ProactiveNet Servers and install new 9.5 servers and Integration Services, upgrading the agents, transferring the agents to the new server(s), and then decommissioning the old servers

This section covers the following topics:

Caveats and limitations                                                  

This section covers basic upgrade and migration methods identified as best practices. The information here does not cover all BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management components. For example, BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Reporting is not included. This section also does not include all possible technical options; however, major options are covered. Although BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management is very flexible and can be implemented in multiple ways, this section follows best practice recommendations. 

Prerequisites to planning

Depending on the environment and whether you are upgrading or migrating, you will install new components as part of an upgrade or migration. The components to be installed, the number of instances, and where they must be installed are dependent on your overall plans and the environment. For a successful upgrade or migration, review the Architecture and scalability best practices before planning and attempting an upgrade or migration. As you review the Architecture and scalability best practices, it is imperative that you consider the following:

  • The current environment and related functionality
  • Existing functionality you expect to maintain during the implementation of BMC ProactiveNet 9.5
  • Existing data that must be moved forward into BMC ProactiveNet 9.5
  • Existing data that is not required to move forward into BMC ProactiveNet (that is, old data that may not be valuable)
  • How you expect the environment to function after the implementation of BMC ProactiveNet 9.5


There are significant improvements in the architecture, monitoring configuration and administration capabilities in BMC ProactiveNet 9.5. To facilitate these improvements, you must upgrade the BMC PATROL Agent for all scenarios. The PATROL Agent upgrade and change in architecture imparts a significant impact to the overall upgrade/migration processes. BMC has designed a lot of backward compatibility in the solution components where possible to help ease the upgrade/migration processes. However, it is imperative that you fully understand BMC ProactiveNet 9.5 and work though the upgrade/migration processes in a development and QA environment and document the plan for your environment. Every detail must be covered including validation of configuration policies for each KM. 

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