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To prepare your environment for the BMC ProctiveNet installation, you must perform certain tasks before you begin the installation. The following sections provide details about the tasks that you must perform.

Preinstallation tasks for all operating systems

  • Close all applications that are running.
  • Do not perform other installation or configuration activities on your computer during the BMC ProactiveNet installation process.
  • Disable any anti-virus software on each host computer on which you are installing a component, or exclude the BMC ProactiveNet installation directory from virus scanning.
  • Disable the following programs on the target computer:
    • Virus scanning programs

      Virus scanners can block the SMTP port and lock files that the installation program needs to configure the mail server and perform the installation. You can enable the virus scanning programs after the installation is completed.
    • Third party firewall protection programs, such as McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention Service (HIPS)

      HIPS can block access to ports that are used by the installation program during installation and by the BMC ProactiveNet Server at run time. You must leave HIPS disabled after the installation is completed, or configure it to allow inbound and outbound communications of BMC ProactiveNet processes. You must reboot the computer if you disable or configure the service.

Where to go from here

Proceed to the preinstallation tasks specific to your operating system:

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