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This topic discusses the best practices that must be followed to accomplish seamless interoperability among BMC ProactiveNet components.

  1. To leverage all of the new functionality in BMC ProactiveNet 9.5, PATROL Agent version 9.5.00x or later must be used. 
  2. The BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service version 9.5 can communicate only with PATROL Agent versions 9.5.00x or later. Earlier versions of agents are denied access if a connection is attempted and a corresponding event is generated.
  3. Although Integration Service versions 9.0.00 SP1 and 8.6.02 SP3 can operate with BMC ProactiveNet Servers 9.5, the use of Integration Services 9.0.00 SP1 and 8.6.02 SP3 in a BMC ProactiveNet 9.5 environment must be limited to upgrade and migration scenarios where no other method is feasible. 
  4. The BMC ProactiveNet Server 9.5 and the BMC ProactiveNet Administration Console must be manually configured to support Integration Service versions 9.0.00 SP1 and 8.6.02 SP3 if a fresh installation is done. 
  5. When a BMC ProactiveNet Server 9.0.00 SP1 or 8.6.02 SP3 is upgraded, same versions of the Integration Service nodes are readily supported. For documentation of best practices specific to versions 9.0.00 SP1 and 8.6.02 SP3 components, see BMC ProactiveNet 8.6 and BMC ProactiveNet 9.0.
  6. Integration Services earlier than versions 9.0.00 SP1 and 8.6.02 SP3 cannot interoperate with BMC ProactiveNet version 9.5.
  7. A PATROL Agent version 9.5 can be connected to an Integration Service version 9.0.00 SP1 or 8.6.02 SP3 if the PATROL Agent is “polled” for data through a p3adapter profile in the pproxy process configured for the Integration Service. Streaming in this scenario is not allowed. Use this capability only in a BMC ProactiveNet 9.0 or 8.6 environment where agents are already polled by the p3adapter. Do not use this method in BMC ProactiveNet 9.5. 
  8. A PATROL Agent version 9.5 is denied connection to earlier versions of the Integration Service if streaming with the “SA” adapter configuration is attempted. 
  9. BMC ProactiveNet 9.5 can process events that are propagated from earlier versions of event management cells. In some cases this may require configuration to support customizations and/or specific event content and processing.
  10. Mixed versions of BMC ProactiveNet Servers are discouraged in a single environment. However, events from different versions can be propagated between versions. Integration with BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration and integration across service models in BMC ProactiveNet 9.5 with older BMC ProactiveNet Servers versions must be avoided.
  11. Consider the following regarding Intelligent Ticketing integration with BMC Remedy IT Service Management:
    • There are two major parts of the Intelligent Ticketing 2.0 patch: BMC ProactiveNet updates and BMC Remedy IT Service Management updates.
    • The Intelligent Ticketing 2.0 patch updates are included in BMC ProactiveNet 9.5 and BMC Remedy IT Service Management 8.1 SP1.  (BPPM 9.5 and ITSM 8.1 SP1 do not require the Intelligent Ticketing patch.)
    • Any version of BMC Remedy IT Service Management earlier than 8.1 SP1 requires the Intelligent Ticketing patch updates to be applied.
    • Intelligent Ticketing 2.0 includes support for BMC Remedy IT Service Management 7.6.04 SP4 and 8.1. Versions earlier than these are not supported including BMC Remedy IT Service Management 8.0.
      For additional details, see Governing incidents with BMC Intelligent Ticketing.

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    1. HI Mike,

      The p3adapter was a legacy way of retrieving data from the PATROL Agent. The agent does not stream data with this approach. The adapter should poll periodically and pull the information.