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This topic and its subtopics provide an overview of the core BMC ProactiveNet 9.5 architecture. Detailed information and some configuration guidance is included for you to get a solid understanding of the core solution components, and how they are connected and communicate with each other. Best practice recommendations are provided throughout. References to previous versions are provided and discussed where appropriate.                                             

This topic covers basic implementation architecture and does not cover all possible functions. It is focused only on the core components of BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management version 9.5. For example, BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Reporting is not included. This topic also does not include all possible implementation architecture options. Although the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management solution is very flexible and can be implemented in multiple ways, this topic follows the best practice recommendations. 

The port numbers provided in this topic are based on a default implementation.

This topic covers the following subtopics:


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