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This topic presents additional tuning recommendations to optimize BMC ProactiveNet performance.

Configuration and deployment

  • When using the BMC PATROL Adapter, deploy the Integration Service strategically so that the connection from the Integration Service does not span network boundaries or firewalls.
  • Deploy monitors and users in a phased approach, validating data in a gradual approach.

Data collection

  • Focus data collection on key-performance indicators (KPIs). You do not need to pull all metrics and monitors into BMC ProactiveNet.
  • Leverage abnormality-generated Detailed Diagnostics to view information with more details and on non-KPI metrics.
  • Poll only critical monitor instances at poll intervals that are less than five minutes.

Reports and views

  • Configure views and graphs to update on demand, rather than at regular intervals.
  • Configure reports at less frequent intervals unless absolutely required.
  • Keep report and view durations at a minimum. Long report periods (that is, reports which span a long duration) can adversely impact performance.
  • Report scoping can have a large impact on report generation. Use group scoping whenever possible.
  • Schedule daily report generation for off-peak times (for example, at 2:00 A.M.).

VMware vCenter memory configuration

For BMC ProactiveNet Server, Integration Service, and BMC PATROL Agent computers running on VMware vCenter virtual machines, ensure that you select the Unlimited check box.

  1. On the virtual machine, go to Resources > Memory > Limit.
  2. Select the Unlimited check box.

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