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The following table describes how the various consoles and utilities connect to the agent and what type of account each uses. Following accounts are used to connect to the agent:

  • Connection account — account used to connect 3.x consoles to the PATROL Agent and 7.x consoles to the PATROL Console Server
  • Default account — account stored in /AgentSetup/defaultAccount agent configuration variable
  • System log-on account — account used to log on to the operating system and used to access the PATROL console

Connection modes and accounts used by the agent's clients

Client Mode Account used
Developer console
Connection account
  • Operator console
  • PATROL Central Operator - Microsoft Windows Edition
  • PATROL Central Operator - Web Edition

  • xpconfig
  • wpconfig
  • pconfig

When started from the command line, these utilities use the system log-on account. When started from within a developer console, these utilities use the system log-on account.
pconfig( )
When this function is run by a parameter, recovery action, or application discovery, it uses the default account. When this function is run by a Menu command or an Infobox command, it uses the connection account.
PATROL Event Manager (PEM)
System log-on account
User-coded client that uses PATROL API