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This documentation applies to the BMC Atrium Core Product Catalog. BMC Software no longer provides packaged data updates for BMC Atrium Core Product Catalog. You will not be able to leave comments.

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This space contains information about data updates for the BMC Atrium Core Product Catalog.

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Product Catalog Data Update 2013-Jun-1 release includes rule names that are more readable and user-friendly and a workflow that allows BMC to track changes with future updates.

Where to start

About Product Catalog data updates

BMC provides Product Catalog data on a regular basis in the form of data updates. The updates are released independently of the BMC Atrium Core product releases, and can be obtained from BMC Customer Support by using the instructions found on this site.


Content releases are cumulative. The 2013-Jun-1 release includes the content from the 2012-Dec-1, 2012-Jul-1, 2012-Apr-1, and 2012-Jan-1 releases.

Product Catalog data updates provide Product Catalog entries for software products that are used in enterprise environments, based on data that is discovered by BMC Atrium Discovery.

Each Product Catalog data update on this site includes the following documentation:

  • Key benefits
  • Content
  • Installation steps

To view the description of a specific Product Catalog data update, click the name of the update in the Product Catalog data update schedule.









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