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This topic contains information about fixes and updates in this service pack.

For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.

What's new

Hash mapping disabled for instance names

With this release, hash mapping for instance names is disabled by default. The value of InstanceConversionMapping property is set to false in the Patrol3\srp\conf\ file to disable the hash mapping. This will disable hash mapping for instance names in all the configured environments.  With this enhancement, the complete path of the parameters is displayed on the PATROL Consoles. Hash mapping can be enabled for specific environments by using the JVM arguments. 

Upgrade impact

Consider the following to retain the environment history and to ensure smooth upgrade from version 3.0.10 to version 3.1.00 of BMC PATROL for WebLogic.

If you want to use hash code paths in the instance names, BMC recommends that you, as a database administrator, add -DlongInstanceMapping=false JVM argument to the respective environment. To add -DLongInstanceMapping=false JVM argument,

  • Right click the Environment name >  KM commands > KM Administration > Define JVM Arguments. Enter the argument. 

  • Set the value to the /SRP/WebLogic/<<environment name>>/jvmArgs pconfig variable

Create filters for monitoring

You can create filters to include or exclude instances from monitoring. With 3.1.00 release of BMC PATROL of WebLogic, you can filter WebLogic servers and the instances by including or excluding them from monitoring based on their server and instance names. To configure the KM in the TrueSight Infrastructure CMA console, see Configuring WebLogic KM

You can also filter the WebLogic and instances by the pconfig variables defined in the PCM ruleset

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