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Monitoring solutions consist of one or more knowledge modules (KMs). KMs are customized objects that typically manage and monitor elements of your IT environment. A KM is a set of instructions that BMC PATROL Agent uses to monitor objects in your environment. You can install a KM using BMC TrueSight console and then configure individual KMs. 

BMC ProactiveNet provides an extensive set of out-of the-box knowledge modules that collect performance data from applications, databases, servers, hypervisors, cloud components, middleware, hardware, and storage.

BMC PATROL Agents load information from BMC PATROL Monitoring Solutions, gather statistics, and send data and events to BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service. For information about BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service, see BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service in the BMC ProactiveNet 9.5 online documentation.

Using the data from BMC PATROL Monitoring Solutions, BMC PATROL Agents can:

  • Detect the presence and status of a device (discovery) 
  • Collect data on any measurable aspect of a device (parameters and attributes) 
  • Interpret data by using defined rules 
  • Store collected data in local files (history)  

Monitoring solutions are provided in the BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration , which is installed when you install BMC ProactiveNet Server with Central Monitoring 

You can use the /AgentSetup/denyCfg variable to control the configuration of PATROL Agent through Central Monitoring Administration in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management environment. The value can be set to true/false.

  • True indicates that CMA is not allowed to configure the respective PATROL Agent.
  • False indicates that CMA is allowed to configure the respective PATROL Agent.

For more information about BMC PATROL Agent, see BMC PATROL Agent 9.6 online documentation or BMC PATROL Agent 10.0 .

For more information about BMC TrueSight, see the following online documentation:

  • BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.0
  • BMC TrueSight Presentation Server 10.5
  • BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0
  • BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.5

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