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This topic provides information about configuring an OpenStack remote host for the monitoring policy by using the TrueSight console.

In the Add Monitoring Configuration dialog box, select Openstack for the Monitoring Solution and Monitoring Profile, and the Monitor Type set to Keystone API V3. Then, click Add to open the Environment Configurations pane.

Environment name

Enter a unique environment name for monitoring the OpenStack policy. A container will be created with the environment name. This environment will hold all the OpenStack instances. BMC recommends you to provide only alphanumeric characters in the environment name.

OpenStack Connection
Enter the monitor host name or the IP address.

Enter the port number for connecting to the OpenStack host.

If you need to change the default value (5000), confirm that the port is available.


Select this option to only use a secure connection to the OpenStack host.

Scope Project

Enter the OpenStack scope project name for the valid token.

The default project name is admin.

Scope Domain

Enter the OpenStack domain name for monitoring.

The default domain name is default.

Monitor Projects

Enter the OpenStack project names for monitoring.

If left blank, all of the OpenStack projects are monitored.

User NameEnter the user name used to connect to the OpenStack server.
PasswordEnter the user password to connect to the OpenStack server.
Confirm PasswordConfirm the user password.

Java Home Details

Java Home

Specify the path to the local Java home directory.

By default, BMC PATROL for OpenStack uses the JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) that is installed with the PATROL Agent.

To use your own JRE that is installed in a different location, enter the path for the JAVA home directory. The JRE must be v1.8 or above. For example, if your JAVA executable exists in the /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_20/jre/bin/java path, enter /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_20/jre as the value of this field.

Note: If Java home is not specified, by default, the Java home for the PATROL Agent is used.

User Name

If the operating system where the JRE is installed requires a user name and password, enter the local administrator account user name and password for the OS.

Monitor Data
Collection level

Select the metric collection level for the OpenStack instance.

  • Availability – Only collects data for the available OpenStack metrics
  • Full data monitoring – Collects data for all of the OpenStack metrics
  • Custom data monitoring – You select the OpenStack metrics for data collection
Custom OpenStack metric selection

Select which OpenStack metrics for data collection.

For these selections to be valid, the collection level must be set to Custom data monitoring.

KM Administration

Optional JVM argsEnter the optional Java Virtual Machine arguments for the Java collector.
LoggingSelect this option to enable logging for PSL and Java.
Availability collection time (min)Select the availability collection time in minutes. The minimum collection time is one minute.
Data collection time (min)Select the data collection time in minutes. The minimum collection time is 5 minutes.
Device mapping

By default, device mapping is enabled.

After you have completed configuring the environment, click OK to add this to the environment configurations list. This environment is displayed on the Monitor Configuration list.

Click Cancel to to exit without saving any changes.

You can continue to add more environments for monitoring.

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