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The web-based TrueSight console functions and consumes events and performance data from various TrueSight products to provide a consolidated set of views for monitoring the infrastructure, real and synthetic applications, and capacity pools.

Through the TrueSight console, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Create BMC PATROL Agent installation packages that contain BMC PATROL Agent and the supported monitoring solutions
  • Configure BMC PATROL Agents and monitoring solutions for monitoring
  • Add Integration Services to BMC ProactiveNet Server
  • Create Integration Service clusters
  • Configure blackouts on BMC PATROL Agents
  • Create time frames for blackout
  • Configure the /AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices variable on the BMC PATROL Agent. The BMC PATROL Agent uses this variable to connect to the Integration Service.
  • Download and install BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service and the remote Administration Console 
  • Add or update monitoring solutions in the monitoring repository

BMC PATROL Agent installation packages are silent installation files that contain your installation preferences for monitoring solutions and components. Central Monitoring Administration uses policies to configure monitoring solutions and thresholds and to copy baselines.

With Central Monitoring Administration, administrators select monitor installation components, such as the BMC PATROL Agent and monitoring solutions, from the BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Repository to create an installation package. The components can then be installed together using the installation package. You can reuse the installation packages, or deploy the packages to multiple computers.

Administrators define and manage policies. A policy is a set of actions to perform, such as configuring monitoring solutions on BMC PATROL Agents. Policies can also be used to assign devices and monitor instances to User Groups which can be used for access control.

A policy is applied to the BMC PATROL Agents based on the conditions such as agent name, agent port, agent version, agent tag, and so on. If an agent matches the conditions defined in multiple policies, then Central Monitoring Administration combines the configuration across the policies and applies it to the agent.