When creating a workflow, you can populate input parameters with information that is collected by the system at the time of the request. A special parameter type, called the Service Broker Context captures information about the service, the user, and the request, for processing by other workflow activities.

Service broker context object parameters


The input parameter used for the Service Broker Context object can be referenced by any name. In the examples below, the object is referred to by the parameter name objName.

Object class/PropertyExpression ("objName" refers to the assigned input parameter name)Example data
Service Request
ID of the service request created when the user requests the service through MyIT${processContext.objName.serviceRequest.id}"1201"
Quantity of the individual service item requested${processContext.objName.serviceRequest.quantity}2
Requested Service
ID of the service in the MyIT Service Broker catalog${processContext.objName.service.id}"1504"
ID from the external system of the servoce, provided by the connector${processContext.objName.service.externalId}"3705"

ID of the connection through which the service was imported


For imported services, the Connection ID property is populated automatically.

For manually created services, administrators musts add the Connection ID manually. A Connection Instance drop down simplifies this process.

Catalog profile name of the service being requested${processContext.objName.service.name}"Accounting Software 6.0"
Service one-time cost with currency${processContext.objName.service.oneTimeCost}

"100.99 USD"

"50000 JPY"

Customer ("Requested for") user information - The on-behalf-of (OBO) and view catalog as user in workflows
Requested for user's login${processContext.objName.requestedFor.loginName}"bbaxter"
Requested for user's email${processContext.objName.requestedFor.emailAddress}"bob_baxter@calbroservices.com"
Requested for user's name${processContext.objName.requestedFor.fullName}"Bob Baxter"
(Optional) Requested for user's NT domain${processContext.objName.requestedFor.ntDomain}



Optional: The NT domain is available only if the NT Domain (420003300) field has been created on the User form, and the field receives values from an external actor (manually or via automation).


Is the service entitled to requested for user?

${process. context .service.entitledToRequestedBy}

0 for false; 1 for true
Contact ("Requested by") user information
Requested by user login.${processContext.objName.requestedBy.loginName}"mmann"
Requested by user email.${processContext.objName.requestedBy.emailAddress}"mary_mann@calbroservices.com"
Requested by user name.${processContext.objName.requestedBy.fullName}"Mary Mann"
(Optional) Requested by user's NT domain${processContext.objName.requestedBy.ntDomain}


Optional: The NT domain is available only if the NT Domain (420003300) field has been created on the User form, and the field receives values from an external actor (manually or via automation).

Is the service entitled to requested-by user?


0 for false; 1 for true
Is the service a bundle.${processContext.objName.service.bundle}0 for false; 1 for true
List of services included in the bundle.${processContext.objName.service.bundleItems}["101","275","1504"]
ID from the external system of the first bundled item.${processContext.objName.service.bundleItems[0].externalId}"3705"
Questions and Answers
All questions and answers that are not mapped to process inputs. A property value of assignedToProcessInput: false enables the distinction.${processContext.objName.questionsAndAnswers}

JSON array that can map to an input set.

 "valueType": "TEXT",
 "displayValue": null,
 "assignedToProcessInput": true
 "valueType": "LIST",
 "displayValue": [
      "displaying green",
      "displaying red"
  "assignedToProcessInput": false
Order information
The order GUID identifies that the request was sent as a shopping cart order.${processContext.objName.orderGuid}"AGGCEME2HPULZAOHWQ3GAAAC0NGVUV"




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