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This topic describes an example of how to implement support for required fields. When users create a new incident, they may be required to select an option for Product Categorization Tier 1 (a required field). This feature is not supported in this version of BMC Mobility for Remedy ITSM.  To work around this issue, create a custom filter that sets the value for Product Categorization Tier 1. Create this filter on the data store to which the BMC Mobility server is connected.

To create a custom Set Fields filter

  1. In BMC Remedy Developer Studio, create a new filter.
  2. On the Associate Forms panel, add the HPD:Help Desk form.
    This form will be the Primary Form.
  3. On the Execution Options panel, select Add Action > Submit.
  4. On the Run If Qualification panel, enter the following string:
    $CLIENT-TYPE$ = 10
  5. Right-click on the If Actions panel header, and select Set Fields.
  6. On the Set Fieldspanel:
    1. From the Data Source list, select CURRENT TRANSACTION.
    2. In the field mapping table, click the first blank row in the Field column, and then click the ellipsis button.
    3. In the Field Selector dialog box, enter Product Categorization Tier 1.
    4. In the Value column for this field, enter "Software".
    5. Click OK.
  7. Save the filter.

When a user creates a new incident from a mobile device, the filter sets the value for Product Categorization Tier 1 field.  After incident is created, the user can modify the Product Categorization fields in the Details view.

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