This space contains information about the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite (BMC Remedy ITSM Suite) 8.1 release.

What's new

Smart IT version 1.3 released

BMC Remedy with Smart IT version 1.3 is released.  

For more information about Smart IT see, BMC Remedy with Smart IT version 1.3.

Where to start

About BMC Remedy ITSM Suite and BMC Remedy OnDemand

BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite (BMC Remedy ITSM Suite) provides out of-the-box IT Information Library (ITIL) service support functionality. BMC Remedy ITSM Suite streamlines and automates the processes around IT service desk, asset management, and change management operations. It also enables you to link your business services to your IT infrastructure to help you manage the impact of technology changes on business and business changes on technology --- in real time and into the future. In addition, you can understand and optimize the user experience, balance current and future infrastructure investments, and view potential impact on the business by using a real-time service model. All this helps you manage what matters to deliver Business Service Management (BSM).

BMC Remedy OnDemand is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) offering that gives your organization access to all the benefits of BMC's industry-leading IT Service Management solutions — without the costs and overhead associated with hosting and managing on-premise software. It enables you to consume BMC Remedy ITSM Suite by subscribing to a hosted service, which offers centralized hosting of BMC applications and data. Software upgrades are included as part of the service as soon as they become available.BMC Remedy ITSM Suite overview


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BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1 components


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  1. On BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 8.0 Home there is a Warning Upgrading BMC Remedy ITSM to 8.0.00 removes localized views and overlays. Does this not happen any more with BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 8.1, i.e. no need to do the workaround?

    1. The issue described by the warning on the BMC Remedy ITSM 8.0 Home page was addressed in the 8.1 release. Consequently, the warning for BMC Remedy ITSM 8.0 does not apply to BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1.

  2. I cannot comment on known issues, so please excuse this out of place comment. The following link isn't working as it should:

    It reads: The included page could not be found.

    1. Thanks for drawing this to my attention Wallace. I have fixed the link.

    1. Hi Thomas. Can you be specific? What needs to be updated? The current dates that show are correct, so it must be product reference? Thanks.

  5. Hi,


    This space, as well as the one for ARS 8.1 cannot be added to the "favorite spaces" section on the dashboard.

    Could you please check?

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Can you briefly describe how you are trying to add the space to the favourites list?

      1. Just go to Dashboard, expand "All Documentation", scroll down to BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 8.1, click on the star icon and voila. The space is not added to the Favorites.

        1. Hi Ivan,

          Try opening the wiki space in question and, from the tool bar across the top of the Home page, select Browse > Advanced. On the Advanced tab, look to the Navigation pane on the left side of the page. At the bottom you will see Add Space to Favourites. Click that. This method seems to be more reliable than adding it to favourites fromthe Dashboard. 

          Let me know if you still have an issue with it.


          1. Yes, this time it works! Thank you very much!

            1. Good! Thanks for letting me know. 

  6. The multi-tenancy link appears to have nothing to do with multi tenancy.

  7. Thanks, Craig and Marie. I have updated the link... please try again.



  8. Where do I find this document in other languages than English?

    I'm looking for the ITSM documents CM and IM in German



    1. Hi Carsten,

      Translated documents are available under the PDFs page:

      ITSM Localized PDFs

      BMC Change Management localized PDFs

      BMC Service Desk localized PDFs



  9. A tad confusing text on the link for Smart IT post-install configuration...

    "Configuring Smart IT after configuration

    1. It's fixed now. Configuring after configuration is a bit confusing. 

  10. Why was the table of contents on the left pane removed?  This  was a vital navigational aide.  The documentation  is almost unusable without it.


  11. Hi, James, 

    You might have accidentally hidden the navigation tree because it has not been removed. Try pressing the [ key to show the nav tree or click the Expand Left Column button (the second from the right). 







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