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The PATROL Configuration Manager CLI processes a script file that contains commands regarding RuleSets.

To configure BMC PATROL for IT Data Analytics by using the PATROL Configuration Manager RuleSets, you must set values for Agent configuration variables in an itdarulesets.cfg file. After you create this file, you can apply the configuration to the PATROL Agent by using the PATROL Configuration Manager CLI. For a list of configuration variables that you can include in the itdarulesets.cfg file, see PATROL Agent configuration variables.

BMC PATROL for IT Data Analytics creates the itdarulesets.cfg file at the following location:


When you apply RuleSets to the configured PATROL Agent, the PATROL Agent automatically configures all the accounts for which the RuleSets have been created.

Copy the itdarulesets.cfg file to any directory under the installedLocation/pconfmgr/rulesets directory, where installedLocation represents the file location where you have installed BMC PATROL for IT Data Analytics).

Depending on your platform, use the following command to apply the RuleSets:

pcm.cmd -f <scriptFileName> -f <scriptFileName>

In the preceding command, the scriptFileName represents the script file that contains commands to be executed for applying RuleSets.

Apply the RuleSets by entering the following command in the script file:

apply -a agentName <RuleSetsFileName>

where, RuleSetsFileName represents the name of the RuleSets file.


In the preceding command:

  • Specify the path as relative to the RuleSets directory.
  • Do not add the extension while specifying the file name.

For more information about the commands and options that can be used in a script file, see the PATROL Configuration Manager User Guide at PDFs.

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