Use this dialog box to configure Message Queues on a given host.

This dialog box is applicable to BMC PATROL Console only.

Configuration details

To access this dialog box, right-click the MSGQ node and select KM Commands > Configure Message QueueThis dialog box contains the following items:

Message QueueEnter the name of the message queue you want to monitor.
LibraryIndicate the library in which the message queue resides.
Add Click this option for confirming the configuration information that you provided and adding the message queue to the list of configured message queues.
RemoveSelect the items added earlier and click this option to delete that item from the list of configured hosts and the clear the details provided in the earlier fields.
Apply Click to apply the configuration.
CloseClick to close the dialog box.

After you configure a message queue you can configure the message selection criteria. See Message Queue Criteria Configuration dialog box for configuration details.

Screenshot of the Message Queue Configuration dialog box

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