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As a SaaS provider, BMC provides secure transport via SSL for our customers to access the sites that we host. To secure that connection, we use SSL certificates that are registered to BMC for the domain For customers who wish to use a reference to their own company domain, for example Calbro Services who uses to access their ITSM site,  and want to continue to use that name to access the SaaS hosted site, an alternative approach must be considered. BMC cannot of course host the actual site as we don’t own or manage the domain, nor do we own or manage SSL certificates for  Since BMC can only manage and host sites using the domain, below are some options for customers to consider for re-direction of their URL to the BMC domain:

  • Create an internal web site on Sharepoint that redirects all http(s) requests to to go to the new BMC hosted site
  • Create an internal load balancer virtual IP that listens on ports 80 and 443 and has a rule that sends the users' web browser an HTTP 302 redirect to
  • Update the Intranet site which has the ITSM site URL that all their users click on, and configure it to send an HTTP 302 redirect to


Be aware that if you have custom links in emails that reference the site, those links will have problems as they do not handle HTTP 302 redirects cleanly. Instead, all links in email notifications should be updated to use the new BMC URL of