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Onboarding services

If you are moving from BMC Remedy on premises to BMC Helix ITSM, you should be aware of the following onboarding services that are available from BMC Global Services or a trusted partner. Migration services are available via a separate Statement of Work (SOW).

Onboarding Service


Remedy on-premise to BMC Helix ITSM migration service

(BMC Helix Migrate)

This offering provides migration options including the movement of on-premise foundation data, transactional data, standard customizations, and integration configurations to the BMC Helix cloud environment. Offering includes migrating Smart Reporting, Smart IT, DWP, and DWP-C. Non-standard customizations and integrations can be remediated if it is in scope with the SOW.

BMC Helix ITSM new onboarding services

This offering provides a net new, out-of-the-box onboarding for your BMC Helix ITSM service. This option is ideal if you do not wish to move any existing data or customizations from your on-premise system to the BMC cloud, allowing for a fresh start for your system.

Contact your BMC Account Manager or your partner manager for details.


All migration projects require the use of a separate staging server for data processing activities. You may be required to purchase an additional environment for the duration of the onboarding project if you request more than one staging environment. See BMC Helix additional environment option.

BMC recommends that customers obtain onboarding services through BMC Global Services or a Helix-certified third-party partner. The BMC Helix ITSM service provides significant out-of-the-box functionality to allow customers to immediately realize value; however, customers may choose to work with their onboarding partner to finalize business requirements and customize their system based upon specific business needs.

Operational activities

As part of your migration project, you may need to request one or more of the following operational activities from BMC:

Support portal access

If you have not already done so, any resource who will be submitting and managing support tickets with BMC needs to register for access to BMC Support Central. For this you will need to know your new Support Contract ID (SCID) and PIN, provided to you via email when an order is placed with BMC. If you are already registered with BMC Support Central, you must add the new SCID to your existing login ID.

For customers who are purchasing BMC Helix ITSM, registration is a two-step process and you will also need to register for access to In this case registration to Support Central is still required and must be done first.

Follow the instructions at Registering for the support portals to complete this step.

BMC Client Gateway configuration

The BMC Helix Client Gateway is used to securely connect to and from your BMC Helix services when using certain integration methods. You must install a small client at your site to facilitate this connection. Likewise, BMC will configure a server-side connection in our cloud.

BMC will provide you a link to download the client software and provide download and usage instructions so that you can configure your integrations to communicate to us via this gateway. For BMC to finalize the configuration file for inbound connections, you must first document integration points to all environments, along with their on-premises server IP address or hostname, and server port. Review the installation guide and request form at BMC Helix Client Gateway connectivity.

FTP account set upAn FTP account is needed to transfer your on-premise database tor other data files from your premises to the BMC cloud. See File transfer process for more details.
Hard drive shippingIf your on-premise production database it too large to transmit over FTP, you may choose to ship a copy via an encrypted hard drive directly to the BMC data center facility. BMC SaaS Operations will provide detailed shipping instructions upon request.
onbmc account set upAn onbmc domain account is required if you need remote access to the staging server. An access request form must be filled out and reviewed by the BMC SaaS Information Security team prior to approval.


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