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Support team options

Users will contact the appropriate BMC support team based on the licenses purchased. A mapping of licenses to support team is shown in the table below. Only the licenses purchased determine which support team handles your requests; your service's data center location is not relevant for support purposes. For example, if your company has purchased BMC Helix Business Workflows, you will use BMC Support Central whether you are hosted in the BMC cloud or the AWS cloud.

License purchasedSupport team

BMC Helix ITSM - Suite

BMC Helix ITSM - Service Desk

BMC Helix ITSM - Service Optimization

BMC Helix Digital Workplace Basic (if purchased standalone)

BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced (if purchased standalone)

BMC SaaS Service Desk

BMC Helix Custom Applications

BMC Helix Custom Connector

BMC Helix Cognitive Automation

BMC Helix Virtual Agent - Standard or Premium

BMC Helix Business Workflows

BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Broker

BMC Helix Client Management

BMC Helix Discovery

BMC Helix Discovery for Service Providers

BMC Helix Cloud Cost

BMC Helix Cloud Security

BMC Helix Capacity Optimization services

BMC Helix Operations Management

BMC Helix Vulnerability Management

BMC Helix iPaaS

BMC Support Central
On premises ITSM or BMC TrueSight productsBMC Support Central


If you have more than one BMC Helix service and both support desks are in play, you may use the BMC SaaS Service Desk for all requests related to these services.

Contacting the BMC SaaS Service Desk 

The BMC SaaS Service Desk is available via the following channels:

This site provides a user-friendly, service-centric portal built specifically for BMC SaaS customers. This portal is backed by BMC Helix Digital Workplace technology and provides a single location for all of your service needs. The portal offers dramatically enhanced self-service functionality, an instant activity feed that shows your ticket status updates, quick links to your performance dashboard, change request approvals, change calendar and ticket summary, proactive service health notifications, and mobile access. 

  • Phone — To display contact numbers for the BMC SaaS Service Desk, use the Contact Us button at the bottom of the Service Catalog tab in the portal.
  • Email — For both incidents and service requests, send email to
    To ensure processing of inbound messages, you must adhere to the following Subject line syntax:
    • For incidents—!Incident: <summary>
      In this example, <summary> is a brief description of the incident.

    • For service requests — !Request: <summary>
      In this example, <summary> is a brief description of the  request.

After a request is submitted to the BMC SaaS Service Desk, it is automatically assigned to a BMC first-level support analyst unless the issue is flagged as critical. If critical, the request goes directly to the BMC SaaS Network Operations Center (NOC). User Guide

For detailed registration information and other portal features, see the User Guide v2.2.

Contacting BMC Support Central

BMC Support Central is available via the following channels:

  • Web — To access the online customer service portal, go to  
    This site provides a support portal built to manage our on premises products, as well as select cloud services. BMC Support Central offers a robust product knowledge base, access to electronic product downloads, product and version compatibility matrices and support and end of life policies.
  • Phone — To find contact numbers to BMC Support Central for your country, go to the link above and select the Contact Support menu. From the dropdown menu, select your country. There you will find numerous support contact numbers.

Registering for the support portals

Regardless of which support portal is used, each user must register with BMC Support Central. Registration to the support portal requires one additional step as documented in step 2 below. 

  1. Register with BMC Support Central — Go to the registration page. You will need your SaaS Support ID and password (from the Order Detail email that is provided to you when your SaaS order is placed with BMC).

    If you do not have this email, contact your company’s BMC support administrator or send an email to, and BMC will provide this information to you.


If you've previously registered with BMC Support Central, you still need to add your SaaS support ID to your profile. Do this by logging in and selecting Manage Support IDs > Add Support IDs. Enter your SaaS support ID and PIN and select Submit.

2. For users whose company has subscribed to a service requiring access to the BMC SaaS Service Desk, you must also create a profile for You may do this in one of two ways:

    • Send an email to* with the Subject line " Portal Registration Request". Include your name, email, phone number, and location (city, state, country); or
    • Have a co-worker submit a request on your behalf.

The username and password registered with BMC Support Central (step 1) will serve as your login credentials for

Important notes:

*If you are a service provider or contract employee requesting access to your client's data, and you are not registering with a client-provided email, you must have a representative from your client request access or provide written approval on your behalf.

If you are already a registered user for, sending an email to will not work. This email is reserved for only those users who are not yet registered. If you are submitting a request on behalf of a co-worker, log into the portal and use the Request Something Else offering to submit your request.

Your email address must have a company-issued domain and must match exactly the email used for registration in step 1. Domains such as,,, and so on are not allowed.

BMC employees do not need to perform Step 1 above unless they also need access to Support Central. When requesting access, you must send in your ADPROD id, employee number and the customer you need access to. BMC uses single sign-on for this application, so your username will be your ADPROD id.

Customer support policies

Customer support policies are available at

For the BMC Helix iPaaS, refer to the Jitterbit End-of-Life Policy for timelines and announcements. Support for this product is provided by BMC via our standard support policy.




  2. Company has subscribed to a service requiring access to the BMC SaaS Service Desk and User need to create profile.

    If registered user sent email then it will get reject with syntax error.

    It will applicable to new user for Registering whose profile is not created in the


    'A' user already registered in the and 'B' user is the new user need registration to

    If 'A' user : sent email then it will reject with syntax error because already user is registered.

    If 'B' user : sent email then it will proceed with success.