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The BMC Helix Notification policy addresses target lead times for certain types of notifications. Depending on the type of event, different contacts may be notified. A summary of the notification type, notifier and notification recipient, and associated lead time is as follows:

Notification type NotifierNotification recipientMinimum lead time or notification periodNotes
Maintenance - scheduledBMC SaaS OperationsCustomer Maintenance contact list

21 days for production systems

7 days for non-production systems

See also Maintenance notifications.
Maintenance - emergencyBMC SaaS OperationsCustomer Maintenance contact listASAPSee also Maintenance notifications.
Requests for Change (RFCs)Customer Authorized Change ApproverBMC Change Advisory Board (CAB)24 hoursAn RFC is requested by selecting the "Request a Change" offering if using the support portal, or by submitting a case for the request if using Support Central. To review the information BMC needs on an RFC request, see Change documentation.
New version releasesBMC Business Relationship Manager (BRM)Customer Maintenance contact list30 daysNew version releases for BMC Helix Remedy services usually follow the on premises product release schedule by a matter of weeks. This allows the BMC SaaS Operations team time to test the release in the cloud environment and certify its readiness for SaaS customer consumption.
BMC Helix ITSM upgradesCustomerBMC SaaS Operations, BMC BRM14 daysAn ITSM upgrade may be requested by selecting the "Request an ITSM Upgrade" offering in the support portal. Upgrade scheduling is dependent upon upgrade slot availability.
BMC Helix Digital Workplace upgradesBMC SaaS Operations

Customer Maintenance contact list

All registered Communities users - notice is published via an upgrade calendar on this site

30 days for production systems

14 days for non-production systems

Digital Workplace / Smart IT upgrades are proactively scheduled by BMC SaaS Operations and typically occur quarterly.

See BMC Helix Digital Workplace Release Calendar for more detail.

BMC Helix Custom Applications-based product upgradesBMC SaaS Operations

Customer Maintenance contact list

All registered Communities users - notice is published via an upgrade calendar on this site

30 days for production systems

7 days for non-production systems

Custom Applications-based product upgrades are proactively scheduled by BMC SaaS Operations and typically occur quarterly. Custom Applications-based products include Custom Applications, Premium Connector, Cognitive Automation, Chatbot, Business Workflows, and Multi-Cloud Service Management services.

See BMC Helix Release Calendar for more detail.

Security incidentsBMC SaaS Information Systems Security OfficerCustomer Security contact list (note: if no security contacts exist, we will notify individuals on the Emergency contact list)Within 24 hours after validation of the security eventAny type of security incident that affects your data or system is managed by BMC's SaaS Information Systems Security Officer. Notification may come in the form of a phone call and/or email. Only affected customer(s) are notified.
Customer outageBMC SaaS OperationsCustomer Emergency contact listAs soon as the outage is confirmed by BMCBMC SaaS Operations or BMC's monitoring tools will create a Severity 1 incident (production systems only) and bcc: the customers' emergency notification list as soon as an outage has been confirmed.
BMC-declared disasterBMC SaaS OperationsCustomer Emergency and Maintenance notification distribution listsAs soon as the disaster is declared by BMCDisaster recovery procedures begin immediately within your contracted Recovery Time Objective (RTO). See also Disaster Recovery options.
Disaster recovery testingCustomer BMC SaaS Operations Six weeks Disaster recovery testing events are available to Premium Disaster Recovery subscribers only. Tests may not be scheduled over a routine maintenance weekend.


Additionally, this policy covers the following topics:

Maintenance notifications

You will receive a system bulletin from the BMC SaaS Operations team if any of the following situations occur:

  • A sudden downtime in the production environment because a service has stopped functioning
  • An upcoming planned downtime for a BMC SaaS service
  • Upcoming activities such as scheduled go-live announcements, month-end freeze reminders, and shutdown reminders

This notification might be addressed to a specific subgroup if the application is related to a certain set of users, or it might be sent as a global notification if an application downtime (or other general announcement) has occurred. Announcements that address the BMC end user community are of critical importance and are presented clearly and carefully.

If downtime is required because of an approved change request, a system bulletin is sent a few days before and on the same day as the change request fulfillment. The bulletin also explains that the scheduled downtime is occurring because of an approved change request.

Every now and then a BMC-initiated change will require an extension to the change window in order to complete the request. When this situation arises, BMC SaaS Operations will provide a minimum of 15 minutes notification (prior to the end of the original scheduled window) to the customer. If an extension is necessary, the change window will be extended by one hour unless the extension notification states otherwise.


All maintenance notifications are sent via email from These notifications are sent to individuals on the maintenance notification list supplied by each customer. If you would like to receive these notifications or need to remove an individual from this list, please contact the BMC Support or your Business Relationship Manager.

BMC Helix policy changes

BMC SaaS Operations updates its operational policies from time to time. Minor policy changes are not formally announced, however you may configure a "watch" notification for any of the policies which you would like to receive system notifications. To watch a page, select the eye icon in the upper right corner of the page. Any edits done to that page will push an email notice to you.

Major policy changes, although rare, will be communicated via email to each customer's general notification contact list. 

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