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Activation of your BMC Helix Integration Platform service includes the provisioning of one organization. Your administrator may subdivide this organization into multiple environments that are logically separated from one another as part of your onboarding activities.

Once you have placed an order with BMC, your technical contact will need to register for access by creating a Jitterbit trial account. Select Start your trial to sign up. Once the trial account is configured, you will access the Jitterbit Harmony platform from 

Activation activities include the following: 

  1. BMC will provide your company information to Jitterbit. Company information includes the customer's legal name, technical contact name and email address, as well as the subscriptions purchased and the order term (start date and end date as defined on your order document).
  2. The Jitterbit operations staff with configure one organization by converting your trial account into a paid account. 
  3. The Jitterbit operations staff will test and verify that the Jitterbit Harmony solution is available and accessible to your technical contact.
  4. The Jitterbit operations staff will send an account validation email to the customer's technical contact.