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As part of your subscription service, some optional application components are available, but not provisioned by default. These components, if required, must be requested individually by the customer using the Request Something Else option from the support portal if prior to go-live, or the Request a Change option if after go-live. Each environment requires a separate request.

Optional components include:

Application componentFunction
Smart IT Openfire chatOpenfire is an open source real-time collaboration server based on the XMPP (Jabber) protocol used for instant messaging and group chat from within the Smart IT application.
BMC Virtual ChatThe Virtual Chat application provides self-service users with both virtual agent and live agent capabilities. It searches various knowledge repositories for solutions and escalates the request to the live agent upon request. This component is available with the purchase of the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced service.
BMC Atrium Core Web ServicesThe BMC Atrium Core Web Services expose the public APIs available from BMC Atrium Core, including reconciliation, normalization, and BMC Atrium CMDB APIs. They also expose other web services that register with the Apache jUDDI Registry Server.
BMC Service Resolution (BSR)

BMC Service Resolution is an application extension that creates infrastructure incidents and application/service-aware incidents, informing you proactively of issues in your IT environment. Its main purpose is to enable data flow between BMC Helix Remedy and BMC's TrueSight (formerly ProactiveNet Performance Manager) products.


For BMC Helix ITSM version 19.08 and above, BSR is available out-of-the-box. The customer should configure a global routing rule for this integration.

BMC Atrium CMDB extensionRequired when integrating BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management to BMC Helix Remedy, the BMC Atrium CMDB extension adds a single hidden attribute, ADDMIntegrationID, to the CMDB BaseElement class. This allows the discovery tool to store a unique key on every CI that it creates in its dataset.
BMC Atrium CMDB SCCM adapterCustomers integrating discovery data from Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (MS SCCM) product will require this integration plugin. The MS SCCM application must be installed on the customer's premises and requires the BMC Helix Client Gateway to establish communication between Remedy and the MS SCCM discovery database.
BMC Helix Client Management and BMC Helix ITSM integration

Customers who purchase both the BMC Helix Client Management (BCM) and BMC Helix ITSM services can integrate BCM data with their CMDB via an Atrium Integrator job. To establish the communication between the two services, BMC SaaS Operations will install the necessary connection components and configure the database properties file for you upon request. The customer may then configure the data synchronization between the BMC Helix Client Management database and the CMDB to store the necessary discovered assets.  


Configuration of any integration or personalization for an optional component is the sole responsibility of the customer.

These components are developed or licensed by BMC, and fully supported as part of your Helix subscription. A subscription to the appropriate license containing the component is required. See Core services for more information on service options.

Third party adapters and plugins are not allowed in the BMC cloud.

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