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In modern data centers, there is a steady increase in the use of converged infrastructure solutions, that include servers, data storage devices, networking equipment and software, for IT infrastructure management, automation and orchestration.
VBlock from VCE is one such solution that unites traditionally disparate layers to offer a truly integrated solution by converging compute, network, storage, virtualization, security and management layers in a single unit.
BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management provides comprehensive capabilities for end-to-end converged infrastructure monitoring for VBlock.

Key capabilities include:

  • Using BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management as a single prism to view the status of each component of VBlock (applications, OS, physical or virtual host, resource pools, chassis, network switch, etc.) while maintaining a perspective of the integrated VBlock hierarchy enabling you to monitor VBlock as a single entity
  • Automatically discover changes in the dynamic infrastructure to enable the real-time monitoring of an updated VBlock environment
  • Automatically provision and configure monitoring for entire VBlock stack as soon as it is deployed for faster Time To Value
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