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BMC formerly delivered documentation for its Enterprise Service Management products in PDF format, as separate documents such as guides (manuals), release notes, white papers, technical bulletins, and flashes. In 2011 we began migrating to web-based documentation delivered on this site,

In most cases the documentation for a given release is provided in a single partition, or space, on this site. For more information about spaces, see [help:About BMC Online Technical Documentation] in the help for this site.

For product and solution releases whose documentation was initially delivered here: There are no separate documents, so you won't see the "Release Notes" or the "Installation Guide." Instead, the documentation for such a release is provided as pages, or topics, which appear in the navigation tree on the left organized by subject so that you can look for the particular topic you want without having to know which PDF it is in.

For releases whose documentation was initially delivered as PDFs but is now found here: Those PDF documents are available from the "PDFs" topic in the navigation tree on the left. New information delivered after the original release of those PDF documents is provided in other topics.

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