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Use the information provided in this topic to understand how a Request For Change (RFC) is updated for an automation job when an external automation system integrates with BMC Remedy Change Management system.

Using BMC Change Automation integration, for every automation job, you can update a RFC in the change management system. The RFC can be updated before it is approved by the change manager and only after it is approved, the automation job can run to accomplish the task. For this purpose, a robust service-oriented interface called CHG_ChangeServiceInterface is available. The interface is a web service that can be accessed using a web service client.

To update the values, you must first access the web service, open the RFC, and then provide new values in the fields that are available for update prior to RFC approval.

List of fields available for update

There are certain fields in the RFC that can be updated before it is approved by the change manager.

For example, consider a scenario where RFC is sent for approval but the request is not yet approved by the change manager. During this interval, if the RFC is updated by the job operator, such as, updates to the job description or impact and urgency of the requested change, the automation system sends the updated details to Change Management. In Change Management, the RFC is updated based on the new inputs and is again lined up for approval. 

The following table lists the fields that can be updated before RFC approval and the action taken by the change management system.

Field name


Schedule Id





Change management system cancels the request and informs the automation system to re-submit the request with the new value. The worklog is also updated.



Job Description







The RFC is updated and the request is ready for approval. The worklog is also updated.

Job Name

Job Type