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Resilience is the ability of an application to complete an action or a task without generating an error if the required data is not available for performing the action. Resilience ensures that erroneous conditions are handled gracefully without generating any exceptions to the end user.

An application can provide resilience in the following scenarios:

  • Required data is not provided to the application.
  • Data is not in a format acceptable to the application.
  • Data is inconsistent when a combination of values are provided to the application.

The application performs certain data transformation and remediation actions in the above scenarios. The data transformation and remediation actions are added to a log that the user can review to understand the changes performed by the application.

The BMC Change Automation solution is built on the concept of providing resilience to the creation of change record. In BMC Change Automation, a change record gets created even when a minimum amount of information passed in the Request For Change (RFC). For example, a change record is created if only a job summary is sent as input.

Resilience ensures that a change record is created without generating errors even if the details are incomplete or required attributes are missing or incorrect. It also ensures that logs are updated with the changes that were performed.

For details about how the concept of resilience is implemented in BMC Change Automation, see Data transformation and remediation.