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This section provides information about what is new or changed in this space, including urgent issues, and documentation updates.


To stay informed of changes to this space, place a watch on this page.


The existing implementation of Operator-Initiated Change use case is a part of continuous compliance of servers use cases. For more information, see  Continuous compliance of servers in the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite 8.9 online documentation.

When you install BMC Change Automation, the older implementation of Operator-Initiated Change use case (OIC 1.0) is not removed. Only after the new integration is configured in BMC Server Automation, OIC 1.0 is upgraded to the latest version of BMC Change Automation 2.0. This change is irreversible and it is advised that you proceed with caution.




December 05, 2016BMC Change Automation 2.0

This release consists of the following feature enhancements:

  • Simplification installation and automatic configurations
  • Simplification of user interaction
  • Automation job enhancements
  • One-click validation utility
  • Data remediation support


 Click here to see the steps


The BMC Documentation portal gives you the ability to generate PDF and Microsoft Word documents of single pages, and to create PDF exports of multiple pages in a space.  

Creating PDF and Word exports

You can create a PDF of a page or a set of pages. (Non-English page exports are not supported.) You can also create a Word document of the current page.

To export to PDF or Word

  1. From the Tools menu in the upper-right, select a format:
    • Export to Word to export the current page to Word format
    • Export to PDF to export the current page or a set of pages to PDF
  2. If exporting to PDF, select what template you want to use:
    • Simple to export a lightweight PDF with no cover, table of contents, or index.
      By default, the Simple template only exports the current page.
    • Standard to export a traditional PDF with a cover, table of contents, and index.
      By default, the Standard template exports the current page and all child pages.