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Using the service oriented interface in BMC Change Automation, you can integrate an automation system with the BMC Remedy Change Management system.

About the Service-oriented interface

BMC Change Automation provides interfaces to:

  • Establish bidirectional communication and enable collaboration between an automation system and BMC Remedy Change Management.
  • Create and update change records.
  • Leverage the underlying services through the web services.
  • Provide resilience and create a change record with minimal information.
  • Periodically poll for updates to the change record.
  • Integrate third-party automation systems to interact with BMC Remedy Change Management.

Architecture of Service-oriented interface

The following diagram depicts the web services architecture used in BMC Change Automation.

Where to go from here

Use the information in the following table to navigate to the topic relevant to your goal.

Understand the concept of service-oriented interfaceService-oriented interface
Validate the BMC Change Automation integrationValidating integrations
Understand the field mappingsField mappings
Create a change record using the inbound web serviceCreating a Request For Change
Receive change record updates using the outbound web serviceReceiving change record updates
Use BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflows and adaptersBMC Atrium Orchestrator workflows and adapters
Create a task template using the web serviceCreating task templates for Change-initiated job
Leverage additional BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflowsBest practices for implementation