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This topic provides information about workflows and adapters provided in BMC Atrium Orchestrator for successful implementation of BMC Change Automation use cases.


The runbook for BMC Change Automation consists of the following modules:

Module NameDescription
BMC-SA-CLA_ITSM_IntegrationThis module comprises of all business logic required for successful implementation of BMC Change Automation.
AutoPilot-AD-UtilitiesThis module activates all basic utility workflows.


Workflow NameDescription

This workflow enables BMC Atrium Orchestrator to establish a connection with automation system and change management. It is a one-time configuration invoked by the automation system during post-installation configuration to integrate with BMC Atrium Orchestrator.

The workflow is not invoked again until there is a change in connection details from automation system or change management system.

BMC-SA-CLA_ITSM_Integration:ITSM_Integration:Blade:Process Request

This workflow is invoked by automation system every time a Request For Change (RFC) is sent to BMC Atrium Orchestrator. This enables BMC Atrium Orchestrator to receive a RFC from the automation system or update a RFC.

BMC-SA-CLA_ITSM_Integration:Setup_Validation:OneClickValidationThis workflow invokes the one-click integration validation test to validate whether the integrations with component products in BMC Change Automation are working correctly.


Adapter NameDescription
CLA_DBActorAdapterThis is a type of SQL actor adapter which provides the ability to interact with a configured database. 
CLA_MonitorAutomation and
These are SQL monitor adapters which query a SQL database at regular intervals.
CLA_WSAdapterThis is a web service adapter used to make Remote Procedure Call (RPC) requests using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).
CLA_WSAdapterSyncThis is a web service adapter that is used for sync calls with a timeout of five seconds.

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For more information about configuring adapters, see  Configuring adapters  in BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform 7.9 online documentation.