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If you are monitoring a virtual environment by using VSM KM version 2.9.50 or earlier with BMC PATROL Agent version 3.8.50 or earlier and Infrastructure Management Server version 8.5, perform the following steps to upgrade to Infrastructure Management version 9.6.00:

  1. Before the upgrade, edit the adapter instance and schedule the next auto discovery to the next day (so that no auto discovery is scheduled during the upgrade).
  2. Upgrade the BMC ProactiveNet Server, Integration Service, and the BMC PATROL agents. For information about performing these upgrades, see Upgrading.
  3. Check that all components are up and running after the upgrade.
    If duplicate devices and groups are present, invoke the cleanup script to delete the duplicates by performing the following steps:
    1. Open a BMC ProactiveNet command window or shell.
    2. Execute the following commands:
      • runjava apps.cmd.ObjectCleanUp -action delete-devices
      • runjava apps.cmd.ObjectCleanUp -action delete-async-emptygroups
      The cleanup script deletes only the auto synchronized but empty devices and groups. To get information about other parameters, use the -help option.
  4. After an hour, edit the adapter instance and schedule the auto discovery to every 15 minutes.
  5. Perform a manual synchronization after 1 hour or wait for one more synchronization after 96 polls to make sure that all instances and devices are updated correctly.