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The Publishing Server is an application that publishes a service model to the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server Cell. The publishing server performs the following functions:

  • Triggers an automated publication of the Infrastructure Management data from the BMC Atrium CMDB to cells when any reconciliation job terminates on BMC Atrium CMDB.
  • Publishes the BMC Atrium CMDB asset service model data to cells on demand.
  • Publishes data from a BAROC source file to cells on demand.
  • Exports the class definitions from the Atrium CMDB on demand to BAROC files that are ready for distribution to the cells.

This information is then used to visualize the impact to a service and to automatically open Intelligent Incidents that contain information about the failed or failing IT components and services it impacts for further prioritizataion and faster troubleshooting

The Publishing Server receives notification from BMC Atrium CMDB about changes made to service models in BMC Impact Model Designer.

The publishing server retrieves the data from BMC Atrium CMDB and publishes the components to the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server cell. You can visualize components through the administration console, and the operator console.

The following diagram illustrates the publication workflow showing the various BMC Atrium CMDB and Infrastructure Management components and how they interact

For details about managing the Publishing Server, see Publishing Server architecture.

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