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All cell configuration tasks are optional.

The following table describes the cell configuration tasks.

Cell configuration tasks



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Create additional cells.
When you install a cell on a system, one cell is installed. You can create additional cells by running the mcrtcell command.



If you created multiple cells for an environment, you can create separate configuration files for each cell.

Creating cell-specific configuration files


If you created multiple cells for an environment, configure the cells so that they can communicate with other cells in the network.

Creating a new propagation policy


Events can be processed locally or selectively propagated to other cells. To configure the event slots that must be propagated when they are changed configure the propagation configuration file.

Configuring event slot propagation


If inbound connections to the cell are disallowed in a protected environment, the connection has to be established within the protected zone to allow a connection between an external client and a cell in the protected zone.

Configuring passive connections


To change the communication protocol between a cell and a device, modify the gateway.export configuration file.

Gateway text parameters


To add a time stamp to a slot so that the date and time is recorded when the slot is changed, configure the mcell.modify file.

Configuring slots for time stamping


If desired, you can encrypt communication among the various components.

Configuring encryption


Set the default client parameters running CLI commands.

Event management CLI configuration