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BMC CMDB Extensions are necessary components to integrate Infrastructure Management with the BMC Atrium CMDB. With the integration, BMC Atrium CMDB can be used for service modeling.

CMDB Extensions facilitate the process of updating changes made in BMC Atrium CMDB to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.

If you are integrating Infrastructure Management with BMC Atrium CMDB, you must install the BMC CMDB Extensions and components before you configure the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server to integrate with the CMDB.

Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk (IBRSD) and BMC Impact Model Designer are part of the BMC CMDB Extensions. When you install the BMC CMDB Extensions, the installer determines which components are to be installed:

  • BMC Atrium CMDB only install - installer deploys BMC Impact Model Designer only

  • BMC Service Desk (ITSM) install - installer deploys BMC Impact Model Designer and IBRSD – BMC Remedy Action Request System module

Install BMC CMDB Extensionson the same computer where BMC Atrium CMDB is installed. In a server group environment, install BMC CMDB Extensionson all the servers in the server group. In the primary node, install the binaries and the workflow; in all other nodes, install only the binaries.

See System requirements and product compatibility for the minimum supported configuration requirements, and supported versions.

Prerequisites to using BMC CMDB extensions:

  • AR user must have a fixed license.
  • AR user must be a user with administrator privileges.

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