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    BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides the ability to develop additional data collection capabilities, new content artifacts and integrations with external applications. BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides specific development tools (i.e. Integration Studio) and a comprehensive set of Application Programming Interfaces (API).

    These are of the following two types of objects that can be developed with BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

    • Plug-ins: plug-ins run inside BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization to provide new integration capabilities (i.e. custom connectors) and contents (i.e. custom report templates and custom view portlets); BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides development APIs and development kits (SDK) for writing your own plugins.
    • Clients: clients connect to BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization to obtain specific services (e.g. to extract data); BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides APIs for developing clients in the form of RESTful Web Services.


    BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization plugins can be broadly categorized as being on the Input or on the Output side.





    ETL: a custom ETL can be developed to used to extend out-of-the-box integration capabilities 

    Developing custom ETLs


    Report template: a custom Report template can be used to extend out-of-the-box reporting templates

    Developing custom Report Templates


    View Porlet: a custom view portlet can be developed to extend out-of-the-box portlets

    Developing custom portlets

    All plug-in development activities can be performed from Integrated Development Environment (IDE), called Integration Studio, which is provided by BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

    For more information on Integration Studio and other BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization see:Integration Studio.


    See Developing clients for more information about client development in BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

    Development skills

    Development in BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization may require several skills depending on which specific plug-in or client is being developed:

    Skill type


    Required for


    Regular expressions

    any development


    UNIX shell

    any development

    Database Programming

    SQL language (Oracle)

    custom connectors (integration of database data sources)
    custom report templates (data marts and data sets)

    Programming Language

    Perl Object-Oriented (Perl-OO)

    custom connectors (developed in Perl)

    Programming Language


    custom connectors (developed in Java)

    Related topics

    Integration Studio

    Developing custom ETLs

    Developing custom Report Templates

    Developing custom portlets

    Developing clients