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    • 10.5.00 enhancements
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    BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization version 10.5.00 offers the following new features and enhancements:

    New UI for Capacity Pools view

    The Capacity Pools view is now available on a new UI, called TrueSight console and is based on a new presentation technology that is already adopted by other TrueSight solutions, such as TrueSight Operations Management. This new technology supports a more modern and interactive UI, and is also available on mobile devices such as tablets.

    For more information, see Capacity Pools view.

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    Enhanced Reservations

    • Enhanced platform support: Reservation analytics now supports Hyper-V compute resources as targets.
      For more information, see Reservations. 
    • New Reservation schedule: Generate a schedule showing details of all the reservations listed in your system, and share this schedule with other users.
      For more information, see Generating a reservations schedule.
    • New natural growth projection: While evaluating utilization profiles for Reservation Targets in the future, you can now specify a baseline projected growth value representing the natural growth for CPU, memory and storage.
      For more information, see Policies and Using projected growth in Reservations 

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    Enhanced integration

    • Enhanced support for cloud: Support for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform is offered through a new Microsoft Azure extractor. You can perform capacity planning on Microsoft Azure data using this new extractor that imports entities and metrics from the Microsoft Azure Service Management API.
      For more information, see Microsoft Azure - Azure API Extractor
    • Enhanced integration to TrueSight Operations Management: Two new API-based ETL connectors are added to extract configuration and performance data from BMC TrueSight Operations Management 10.1:
      • BMC - TrueSight Operations Management 10.1 Extractor: This extractor enables you to extract data from AIX, Standalone, KVM, and Solaris platforms. Also, it supports Linux KM on Standalone and KVM platforms.
      • BMC - TrueSight Operations Management 10.1 Generic Extractor: This extractor enables you to extract data from a custom platform.
        For more information, see BMC TrueSight Operations Management.  
    • Template for CSV and SQL-based generic ETLs: Create and modify templates for integrating generic ETLs that import data from a CSV or SQL database. This helps you to:

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    Enhanced basic reporting

    • Customized report skins: Customize your Basic Reports easily and quickly by inserting logo and footer images from your local machines and defining the header and footer text, and text color. This customization affects all existing reports and new reports that you create.
      For more information, see Skin. 
    • Structured layout of reports: Define the layout for charts and tables in reports for system-specific analyses or models that contain data for a single system or business driver and also for summary charts of an overview analysis or model that contain data for more than one system or business driver.
      For more information see Creating reports and Editing reports
    • Domain-level reporting: Combine different analyses and models from the same, or different domains, into a single Composite Basic Report. This report makes it easier and quicker to analyze domain-based content.
      For more information, see Creating reports. 
    • Enhanced file name parameters for basic reports: Configure file names for basic reports to include the time stamp of when the report was generated, and also include the time stamp in the subject line when you distribute the report by email, in the edit mode. This feature makes it easier to differentiate and save the reports locally without having to rename them, especially for reports that are sent several times a day.
      For more information, see Editing reports.
    • Detailed report file size information before downloading: Use tooltips to view the file size of reports before downloading them. For larger-sized reports, this feature can help you quickly determine whether you want to download the report immediately or at a later time.
      For more information, see Reports.

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    New bookmarking capability

    Bookmark content that you use frequently for quick access. You can:

    • Bookmark analyses, models, views, reports, systems details, business drivers, reservations, and domains.
    • Edit and manage saved bookmarks.
    • Easily share bookmarks with other users via email to increase user collaboration.

    For more information, see Bookmarks.

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    Automatic creation of multiple manager runs

    A new interactive UI is available for creating multiple manager runs. You can:

    • Automate the creation of policy files and manager runs for a gateway server.
    • Create multiple policy files and manager runs for a gateway server.

    In addition, for multiple manager runs created from a single list of servers for a gateway server, you can update properties of all manager runs by updating the properties of the master manager run.

    For more information, see Managing the gateway server agent list and View scheduled runs.

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    Enhanced Hyper-V view

    The Hyper-V view is enhanced so that you can:

    • Identify the number of additional VMs that can be added to each cluster.
    • Identify the total and available resources in the cluster.
    • Manage the resources of all the hosts that the cluster contains.
    • Answer other critical questions related to the cluster.

    For more information, see Hyper-V Clusters view.

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    Enhanced user management

    User management is enhanced to provide better support for external users:

    • Authentication mode: Manage the configuration of different authentication modes, local or external, of users from a single tab.
      For more information, see Authentication. 
    • Role assignment: Configure BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization to automatically assign a role to external users.
      For more information see Roles.
    • Access group assignment: Configure BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization to automatically assign an access group to external users.
      For more information see Access groups

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    Enhanced Global configuration

    In the Global configuration page, new tabs have been added and existing tabs have been enhanced to increase the ease of use.

    The following new tabs are added:

    • Console: Enables you to configure the general connection properties of BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

    • Notifications: Enables you to configure the notification properties for receiving alerts.

    • Authentication: Enables you to configure the local or external authentication for users according to the requirement.

    Other tabs such as BMC Environment and UI Defaults have been enhanced to increase the ease of use.

    For more information, see Global configuration.

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