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The Works folder for each domain in the navigation tree holds defined analyses, models, reports, and documents. You can move, copy, or delete these items, and organize them in subfolders. You can reuse the definitions from an instance of the product in another instance by using the export and import features.

You can access the Works folder by navigating to Workspace > All Domains > domainName.

The following figure shows the Works folder:

Example of a Works folder

Access to items in the Works folder is controlled by two settings:

Access modes

All the Works folder items, that is analyses, models, reports and documents, have three different access modes:

  • Public: All users can view these items and perform run, edit and delete operations on them.
  • Public read only: All users can only view these items, and only the item owner, that is the creator of those items, can perform run, edit and delete operations on them.
  • Private: Only the item owner can view these items and perform run, edit and delete operations on them. Private Works items are marked by a red lock icon on their titles.


    To see the owner of the Works folder, click  Show/hide details located to the right of the name of the Works folder.

Users with an admin role can choose to view the private works of all users. To do this, in the Capacity Optimization Console, click Home >  My profile > Preferences section > Administrator tasks option > Show the private works of every user check box. If the admin user selects this check box, he can also run, edit and delete the Public read only Works folder items. This preference is valid only for the current Capacity Optimization session.

When a user is deleted from Capacity Optimization, all Private works of that user are also deleted. The Public and Public read only works are retained, and get associated to the admin user.

For more information, see the following topics: