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The following topics describe the upgrade procedure for the Gateway Server and Agent applications on Microsoft Windows:


BMC supports upgrades from version 9.0.x and 9.5.x to 10.3. For upgrading from 9.0.x and 9.5.x to 10.3, refer to the upgrade section in version 9.5. For upgrading from a version earlier than 9.0.04 that is used for managing Solaris DSD systems, you have perform the following configuration in addition to the steps in the upgrade section of version 9.5.

 Click here to view the additional configuration steps required...

Gateway server versions earlier than 9.0.04 did not handle multithreading in Solaris DSD systems correctly, resulting in high CPU Utilization in Perceiver. A resolution to this problem is available in 9.0.04 (and above). In addition, some database fields need to be fixed for the historical data to be reported correctly. For more information on the queries to run to fix the database, refer to Section 2 of the Knowledge Article 395012. Note that you will need to run these queries even if you are not using multithreading for the Solaris DSD servers in your environment.