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The Solaris dashboard allows you to manage the capacity of a virtualized infrastructure running on a Solaris environment. It is pre-configured, and can only be customized by the dashboard administrator.

The purpose of the Solaris dashboard is to:

  • Keep track of how much capacity is available at the host level to run additional domains.
  • Monitor resource usage of domains, find under and over-utilized resources and reallocate them to partitions to increase efficiency.
  • Proactively keep track of domains that are experiencing capacity shortfalls, or will soon be, and which resources are the bottlenecks.
  • Find top/bottom resource consuming domains.


  • A host or container is a Solaris physical machine hosting the virtualized environment.
  • A domain or LDom (Logical Domain) is a software implementation of a machine, that simulates a physical system.
  • A zone is a partition of the operating system that allows to separate processes; it can be associated with both hosts and LDoms.


Certain metrics are required for these views. If those metrics are not being imported into the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization Data Warehouse, then corresponding columns will be blank. Particularly for Data Explorer views for this platform, a large number of metrics are required, otherwise some of the charts will not be available.

Data visibility

The Solaris dashboard displays data for systems of the following type:

  • Virtual Machine - Solaris Zone
  • Virtual Machine - Solaris LDOM
  • Virtual Host - Solaris

No access control is applied to grant visibility on specific server sets because the dashboard is conceived to be an administrative view over the Solaris environment.

Administrators should grant access rights to view the Solaris dashboard only to users that can see data for all servers; for more information, refer to Assigning users to a community. Once a user is granted access to the dashboard, he can see all servers.

For more information about managing your Solaris virtualized environment capacity, see: