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For an environment with multiple Application Server, the Content Repository directory should be shared.

The Content Repository directory needs to be accessed in read/write mode by the Web Console and by the Primary Scheduler, and in read-only mode by the Web application component. Moreover, the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization user on each machine must have permissions to read, write, and update files in the Content Repository. For users to have the required permissions, the UID of the cpit users must be same across all Application Servers in an environment.

To share the Content Repository directory

To share the Content Repository between two Application Servers AS1 (running the Web application component) and AS2 (running the Data hub and Primary scheduler), perform the following procedure:

  1. Run the installer first on AS1 and then on AS2 (this order is important).
  2. Share the Content Repository (that has been created by the installer on each Application Server) via a shared file system (that is, NFS, by configuring on all servers a mount point that maps an external storage).
  3. Copy the Content Repository (both directory and subdirectories structure: see also System level administration) from either AS1 or AS2 to the shared Content Repository location.
  4. Mount the Content Repository location from both AS1 and AS2.


Due to operating system limitations, only NFS mount is supported on Oracle Solaris 10.x.