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To access Report groups in the console, navigate to Administering > Advanced Reporting > Report groups.

Reports can be organized into report groups, which can contain reports and also other report groups. This defines the tree structure of the Reports tabReport groups are also used to restrict the set of reports that a user can view or edit; this is done by granting the user access rights on specific report groups.

The Report groups page provides a list of all existing report groups, allowing you to edit or delete them, and also add new ones.

Example of the Report groups page

Adding a new report group

To create a new report group, perform the following task:

  1. Click Add group under Administering > Advanced Reporting > Report groups and set the following properties:
    1. Name: Name of the new report group.
    2. Description: Brief description of the group.
    3. Parent: Select the parent of the newly created group from the drop-down menu.
    4. Visible to access groups: Select one or more access groups that should have visibility on the new report group.
  2. Click Save.

Adding a new report group