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Use this page to specify various thresholds at the Capacity Pool level.

Follow the steps given below to specify thresholds for the Capacity Pool:

  1. Click Reservations > Capacity Pools.
  2. Select a Capacity Pool to view its details, and click Policies.
  3. Click Edit and select one of the following options:
    1. Use Threshold from Capacity Pool policy - Select this option to apply the threshold set at Capacity Pool level to all aggregated Reservation Targets.
    2. Use Threshold from Contained elements - Select this option to use the threshold specified at the Reservation Target level.
  4. Select the appropriate option and click Save.

After you specify thresholds at the Capacity Pool level, the threshold for all Reservation Targets associated to the Capacity Pool will be updated to use the same value. If a Reservation Target belongs to different Capacity Pools, the most recently updated threshold is applicable. If you explicitly set thresholds at the Reservation Target level, the value (if specified) at the Capacity Pool level is overridden.

Editing Policies