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This topic describes how you can set or edit forecasted value options for an analysis.

You can import manual forecasted values coming from external flows (financial documents, marketing strategies) for any business driver Key Performance Indicators in BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization. You can display measured values and manual forecasted values in the future and can compare measured values with manual forecasted values over the same time period. You can also compare manual forecasted values with values computed from time forecasting models over the same time period and with the same time resolution, for example, daily.

You can distinguish between measured values and forecasted values using different chart types and colors, making it easier to read the charts.

This tab is available only in the Advanced mode and only when future values are present. 

Editing forecasted values for an analysis

To access the Forecasted values tab in the console to set or edit forecasted value options for an analysis, perform the following task:

  1. Navigate to Workspace > All Domains > [Your domain] > Works.
  2. Click on an analysis that you want to modify. The analysis details page is displayed to the right of the navigation pane.
  3. Click Edit. The Edit analysis page is displayed. 

  4. Expand the Forecasted values tab to set or edit the following properties:

    Display forecasted values

    Select from the following forecasted value options for an analysis:

    • No. Display only measured values: Display only measured values. Future (forecasted) values are not displayed.
    • Yes. Display forecasted values in the future: Display only future values (values after the last point of measure/ the analysis) of forecasted values.
    • Yes. Compare forecasted values with measured values: Both forecasted and measured values are displayed, that enable you to validate whether the manual forecast was accurate.
    Filter forecasted values

    Available if you select either of the Yes options in the previous step.

    Select the Forecasted daily values (by Models) check box to display those properties for each statistic in your analysis, that you can edit.  The Legend, and Color/Type/Stroke properties are displayed.


    The number of statistics displayed depend on the number of forecasted values that were imported and are present in the analysis.

    Legend for Forecasted values (by Models)

    Add a legend for the forecasted value statistic, series by series. You can streamline it further by removing certain legend parameters: %ENTNAME%-%OBJNAME%-%SUBOBJNAME%-%FUTUREVALUENAME%

    Forecasted daily values (by Models)Select the ColorType and Stroke for the forecasted daily value statistic to display in the analysis chart.

    Automatic time resolution-based analysis

    • When you base an analysis on an Automatic time resolution (on default values), the forecasted value field shows all forecasted statistics, at any time resolution. Hence, you will be unable to select two custom statistics with a different time resolution.
    • The custom statistic is considered first to evaluate the output resolution of the analysis. Therefore, the selection of the forecasted value will drive the time resolution of the analysis.
    • If you explicitly select a time resolution for which no forecasted statistics are available, but they are available for other time resolutions, the Forecasted values tab displays a message that tells you statistics are available for which particular time resolution. This way, you can adjust the time resolution to display custom future forecasts.
  5. Click Save or continue with statistic selection.

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