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Database Server1

This server can be either a supported Oracle server or a supported PostgreSQL database server. For more information, see Database requirements. One Database Server is required for each BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization instance. The database can be implemented on a cluster of computers where supported, however, such an implementation is also considered as a single database.

Application Server≥ 1

Each Application Server runs several software components. For details and applicable constraints, see Application Server. Each Application Server must have access to the database server. If there is more than one Application Server computer, each computer must have access to a single shared network file system, called the repository.

ETL Engine Server≥ 1

This server is required for collecting data from third-party data sources or from the Gateway Server. For demonstrations, you can run the ETL Engine software components on the Application Server computer. Each ETL Engine Server must have access to the database server, unless it is deployed as a Remote ETL Engine Server. For more information, see Guidelines on using a remote ETL engine.

Gateway Server≥ 0

This server is required for Agent-based or agentless operating system data collection from managed nodes. The Gateway Server supports all the commonly used UNIX and Windows operating system platforms. For more information, see Operating System support and patch requirements for Agents. One Gateway Server can collect data from many managed nodes. For details and applicable constraints, see Sizing and scalability considerations. Agentless collection requires additional computers. For more information, see Gateway Server.

Agents ≥ 1BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization Agents provide lightweight, fault-tolerant data collection capabilities for managed computers running UNIX and Windows. For the complete list of supported operating systems, see Supported operating systems for the Agent.

The following diagram shows the data flow between the different components:

Data Flow